YOOZ have created high quality yet affordable rechargeable pod kits and leak-proof e liquid pods in some truly unique and refreshing flavour blends. Their beginner-friendly YOOZ Mini Kit is now hugely popular in the UK.

Each YOOZ vape kit includes a vibrant coloured device with different flavoured pods dependant on colour option, 10 options/flavours available and all 10 flavours of the YOOZ pods are available to buy in replacement packs.

We are an official UK YOOZ retailer and offer free UK delivery on the whole range of YOOZ Mini vapes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are YOOZ Vapes refillable?

The YOOZ Mini Kit features YOOZ pods which are not refillable, this is because the heating element lives within the closed pod which is prefilled with 2ml of nic-salt eliquid, when the liquid runs out please dispose of the empy pod responsibly.

What YOOZ Vape flavours are available?

We stock the whole range of 10 x YOOZ Mini Pod flavours including fruity Blueberry Plum and tangy Lemon Mint.