VLTZ produce a range of vapes all about bigger, more intense favours and a smaller environmental impact.

Vape Liquid for the whole VLTZ range is produced in the UK- meaning it’s of the highest standard. The strength of the liquid ranges between 1.6% and 0% nicotine. The VLTZ Bar is ideal for the casual social smoker.


VLTZ Bar’s are ideal for the social smoker. With 500 puffs on a 400mAh battery, it’s designed to keep smokers going for the best part of a day. With ten different flavours to choose from, smokers can switch it up every day and have something different for the best part of two weeks. You can smoke them with full confidence that they are the highest quality vape liquids, as unlike many vape liquids, VLTZ are produced in the UK- meaning they are required to follow the highest production standards.

The Bar is disposable but also environmentally friendly. Coming with the WEEE symbol, it cannot be thrown out in a traditional wheelie bin. This reduces the environmental cost and the cost for users. The Bar costs £3.49 but is cheaper if bought as part of a multipack deal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are VLTZ better value than other disposables?

This depends on what you value from a vape, but overall, yes- we think so! Not only are VLTZ vapes lower cost but they also support long-life batteries, giving even heavy users up to a full day of usage. VLTZ e-liquid is high-quality and produced in the UK, meaning smokers get an intense, sweet taste to compete with the best disposables.

Are VLTZ environmentally friendly?

Yes, VLTZ make a lot of effort to make their vapes environmentally friendly. Their disposables are marked with the WEEE symbol, which means they cannot be disposed of in traditional wheelie bins and must be disposed of in a separate facility for recycling. They also have long-lasting batteries which give you up to 500 puffs per day. This means you can go further on one vape, giving you better value for money, and you need to consume less.

Are VLTZ’s safe?

All VLTZ e-liquids are produced in the UK, which means they have to adhere to some of the highest manufacturing standards possible. This guarantees safety but also quality, so you can vape safe in mind and enjoy the intense flavours.