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Vapourcore has been looking into vapourizers (vaporizers) for the last 12 months and after many samples being sent to our offices we found a clear winner in PAX. These guys know how to make a vapourizer and have now made Vapourcore an official PAX Retailer!

A vapourizer is a vape device used to release the active ingredients of plant material or to release the therapeutic compounds. Vapourizers heat the material at a much lower temperature so that the active compounds produce an aromatic vapour. Instead of burning the material.

Which PAX is for me?

Well we have the PAX 2 which is one of the best selling Vapourizers in the World. It has a sleek and subtle design combined with extra battery life and it's deeper stainless steel chamber ensure that the PAX 2 gives a great vape. The vape boasts an increased battery life, improved smart heating and cooling systems, and integrated LED indicators which makes the PAX 2 really stand out from the rest of the competition. The PAX 2 is absolutely ideal for when you're out and about with its long lasting battery.

The PAX 3 is similar to the PAX 2, however you can also use it for herb or oils. So what you waiting for, we are always in stock and at the best UK Online prices for PAX Vapourizers.

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