MYST P1 Pod Vape Kit Review

MYST is a new brand based in the UK who have designed a pre-filled pod vape with a unique design - the P1.

Pre-filled pod vapes are incredibly popular with our customers both in the UK and abroad. They are favoured for their ease of use and mess-free, fuss-free design. Pre-filled (or "closed") pod vapes are incredibly beginner friendly too - for most, all you need to do is insert a pod and start vaping. So how does the P1 stack up? Let's find out...

Myst P1 Kits in Moonlight Silver (left) and Stormy Grey (right)

First, we are taking a look at the device itself. That rubbery grip section you see in the image above actually slides up and down, allowing you to hide the pod mouthpiece away in the body of the device - keeping it fresh and clean. We love this hygienic touch. Some vape kits do come with caps or covers for their mouthpieces, but not often (and those caps are very easy to lose) but this is a feature we would really love to see more often. There is nothing worse than pulling your vape out of your pocket only to discover that mysterious bits of pocket fluff have stuck to it...

We love the sleek brushed-metal finish of the device, which contrasts nicely with the textured rubber design. The small Myst logo on one side of the device is tasteful, and the LED indicator on the other side is not as garish as some as it gives off more of a subtle glow than a bright flash. 

But a pre-filled pod device is only as good as its pods. Let's take a look.

First of all, we love the design of the Myst P1 Pod packaging - you just open a "door" on the side of the pack to access the pods. Each pod is individually wrapped and sealed, which means they are easy to travel with as you don't need to bring the whole pack with you (or waste time cutting individual pods off the sleeve).

Myst P1 - Blueberry Pods

Flavour profile: Fresh blueberries

Sweet and ripe blueberries, freshly picked. This is the best Myst pod for those with a bit of a sweet tooth. It's nice to see single-note flavours done right as often they come across either bland or artificial, but Myst have really nailed this flavour.

Myst P1 - Lemon Berry Pods

Flavour profile: Lemon and mixed berries

Tangy and light, this pod is great for citrus lovers. There is a hint of ice on the exhale - not enough for us to class this as a "fruit menthol" flavour, just enough to keep it fresh. A lovely summery flavour that will make you imagine you were on a beach somewhere exotic and warm.

Myst P1 - Mango Orange Pods

Flavour profile: Tropical mango and orange

Sweet mango blended with sharp orange. We think orange is a seriously under-rated flavour when it comes to vaping, as it often loses out to other citrus fruits like lemon or lime, so we are glad to see it represented accurately here. There is a cool icy note to this pod, which makes us imagine an iced slushie drink.

Myst P1 - Chilled Mint Pods

Flavour profile: Cool mint

The Chilled Mint Myst Pods are entirely mint, not menthol. It has a gentle sweetness which reminds us of festive candy canes and peppermint boiled sweets. This pod is great as an all-day vape as it doesn't give you a harsh cold sensation in the throat like some mint flavours do.

Myst P1 - Golden Tobacco Pods

Flavour profile: Smooth tobacco

And of course, what would a pod system be without some kind of tobacco flavour? Myst's Golden Tobacco is wonderfully balanced. It's very slightly sweet, but quite strong in taste - without any of the bitter or burnt flavours that often accompany strong tobacco flavours. We find it incredibly realistic - if you are a current smoker (or have friends or family who are), we highly recommend starting with a pack of these Golden Tobacco Pods.

The new P1 by Myst has really impressed us - but you can be the final judge! Let us know what you think.

If you require any help or advice with your vape e-liquids, pods or device, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Vapourcore.

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