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Logic Berry Mint Pods (2 Pack)

Logic Berry Mint Pods (2 Pack)£5.99  

Logic Cherry Pods (2 Pack)

Logic Cherry Pods (2 Pack)£5.99  

Logic Menthol Pods (2 Pack)

Logic Menthol Pods (2 Pack)£5.99  

Logic Tobacco Pods (2 Pack)

Logic Tobacco Pods (2 Pack)£5.99  

Logic Compact Device

Logic Compact Device£17.50   £4.00  


Page 1 of 1:    6 Items

Logic are perfect for adult smokers, as they have created an beginner vape kit known as the "Logic Compact Device". The Logic range also includes a selection of Logic Compact Pods, in classic flavours such as Cherry, Menthol or Tobacco. 

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