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Check out our carefully chosen selection of e-liquid! These vape juices work best in open pod kits and refillable e-cigs, and are available in a variety of flavours, from best-selling brands. 

E-Liquid Ranges

Bar Juice 5000 E Liquid

The Bar Juice 5000 e-liquids have been designed to match the flavours of the most popular disposable vapes, from Blue Razz Lemonade to Peach Ice. Each bottled e-juice contains 10ml of nicotine salt e-liquid.

Elf Bar ElfLiq E Liquids

The Elf Bar ElfLiq is perfect for using in refillable pod vape kits or e-cigs and provides a smooth and satisfying hit. From the creators of the worldwide best-selling Elf Bar disposables, these e-liquids are a great choice for those wishing for a stress-free vaping experience.

Nasty Juice Podmate E Liquid 

Browse the Nasty Juice Podmate range, which are available in 20 mg or 10 mg nicotine salt strength. The bottled e-juice is made to work perfectly in pod vape kits, such as the Elf Bar Mate refillable pods.

Ramsey Bar Fusion 

The Ramsey Bar Fusion range can be used in most refillable vape kits. The 50/50 PG/VG blend ensures a smooth yet satisfying hit with every flavour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is E-Liquid and How Does it Work?

E-liquid is the substance inserted into a vape pen, which gives vapour its flavour and nicotine (if the vaper is using nicotine e-liquids). When the vape device is in use, the battery will provide the energy to heat up the liquid, which turns it into a smooth vapour when inhaled.

Is E-Liquid the Same as E-Juice?

Liquid for use inside an e-cig is called e-liquid, but it is also known as e-juice or vape juice.

How Many Puffs Does 10ml E-Liquid Last?

A 10ml bottle of e-juice will give 1000 puffs, at around 100 puffs per 1 ml. 100 puffs is equal to about 10-15 cigarettes.