VaporArt 50ml - New E Liquid Range from Italy!

We're proud to present an ever-growing lineup of fantastic vape liquids. Our newest range is VaporArt, an Italian premium juice range.

Read on for our review of these delicious e-liquid flavours.

Pool Party

VaporArt Seven Wonders: Pool Party

Flavour profile: Blueberry, grape, strawberry and mixed frozen berries

A berry e-liquid with a cool twist. This e-liquid is a fantastically fresh fruit-menthol flavour that perfectly balances the fruit and the ice. Some fruit-menthol liquids lean heavily one way or the other but in this e-liquid those two elements are evenly matched creating a sweet but refreshing taste.

You'll like this flavour if you like:ASAP Grape by Nasty Juice, Crystal Mist by Double Drip

Beach Party

VaporArt Seven Wonders: Beach Party

Flavour profile: White melon, pomegranate and ice

This is a fruit-menthol with an unusual twist - white melon, pomegranate and ice combine to make one of the lightest and freshest e-liquids we've ever tried. As the name suggests, it really does feel like you should be vaping this on a beach in the summer sun!

You'll  like this flavour if you like: Cush Man by Nasty Juice, Kanzi Iced by Twelve Monkeys Ice Age


VaporArt Seven Wonders: Alhambra

Flavour profile: Lemon cookie

This e-liquid tastes of a crumbly, buttery lemon biscuit. Great for those who love fruit dessert flavours and are looking for something with a summery and tangy twist. 

You'll  like this flavour if you like: La Baronne Jaune by BordO2, Nice Lemon Slice by Coil Hootch


VaporArt Super Flavour: Blanko

Flavour profile: White chocolate and almond cheesecake

This perfectly blended dessert e-liquid manages to be both delicate and rich. It's very creamy but not overly sweet - the almond and cheesecake biscuit base really balance out the white chocolate and cheesecake filling. At the Vapourcore HQ we've discovered that this pairs excellently with a cup of strong coffee!

You'll like this if you like: Sugar Cookie by Glas Basix, Danish Custard by Humble Pie


VaporArt Super Flavour: WHYNOT

Flavour profile: Rum pastry dessert with sugar syrup

This is a dessert e-liquid that packs a punch. If you've ever eaten a rum baba, a small round cake soaked in rum syrup and filled with cream, this e-liquid perfectly captures the rich flavour of the Italian dessert. As a bonus, this e-liquid comes in a seriously shiny box shaped like a gold bar.

You'll like this if you like: Castle Long by Five Pawns, Spiced Rum by Vype

The Island

VaporArt Super Flavour: The Island

Flavour profile: Peach, kiwi and lychee

A sweet and fruity tropical flavour. So far, this has been our best seller from VaporArt, and it's not hard to see why. This is a balanced blend that's just perfect for an all-day vape!

You'll like this if you like: Tropical Fruit by Juice N Power, Kiwimelon by 50 Large

Black Beard

VaporArt Valkiria: Black Beard 40ml

Flavour profile: Tobacco, honey, coffee and candied chestnut

A smooth and rich tobacco flavour with sweet honey notes. This is a 40ml shortfill - an unusual spin on your regular 50ml shortfill. This small volume of e-liquid is concentrated with flavour so that you can vape it as a 6mg if you wish by adding two nic shots - or add one to reach just over 3mg.

You'll like this if you like: Gold Tobacco by Vapourcore, Black Flag Risen Enriched by Five Pawns


VaporArt Valkiria: Kraken 40ml

Flavour profile:  Tobacco, whiskey, caramel and honey

Another 40ml tobacco from VaporArt, this flavour is not for the faint-hearted. A dark and rich tobacco flavour with a hint of sweetness and a prominent whiskey undertone. We've found that this is a great e-liquid to vape if you're an ex-smoker who finds it difficult to resist a cigarette while drinking!

You'll like this if you like: Smoked Whisky by Vype, Castle Long by Five Pawns

The Flying Dutchman

VaporArt Valkiria: The Flying Dutchman

Flavour profile: Lime meringue

This e-liquid offers a twist on the traditional lemon meringue. A sweet and sour citrus flavour that will satisfy fruit and candy flavour lovers alike. 

You'll like this if you like: Zest Pest by 100 Large, Twisted Ice Cream by Double Drip


VaporArt Valkiria: Tortuga

Flavour profile: Mango ice cream

Based on the spooky packaging of this e-liquid, you've never guess that inside was a deliciously smooth and tropical mango ice cream e-liquid! With a real authentic fruit flavour that's hard to beat - no artificial or overly-sweet tastes here!

You'll like this if you like: Mango Raspberry Ice Cream by Double Drip, Bango Mango by 50 Large

That's our thoughts on VaporArt e-liquid - we hope this fantastic Italian brand takes off as they have some truly wonderful and unique flavours. You can shop the full range online now (we deliver worldwide).

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