The Best Festive E Liquids 2019

What comes to mind when you think of festive flavours? Perhaps you think of mulled wine, figgy pudding or Christmas dinner. While you're thinking about your Christmas food and drink, don't forget to stock up on some e-liquids with seasonal flavours. Not the "roast turkey and stuffing" kind of seasonal, the "spiced, rich and indulgent" kind of course!

Vapor Art - Whynot

Flavour profile: Pastry, rum, and sweet syrup

This e-liquid is perfect for cold weather. It's a sweet combination of puff pastry, rum and syrup based on the traditional rum baba dessert. If you are looking for a vape juice to get you in the festive party mood, this has got to be the one! Please note that while this e-liquid is flavoured like alcohol, it does not contain any. Available as a 50ml high VG shortfill, perfect for sub ohm vape kits and tanks.

You'll like Whynot if you like: Kraken by Vapor Art, Carnival by Wick Liquor, Rigel by Dr. Fog's

Large Juice - Crispy Coffee

Flavour profile: Caramel-glazed doughnut, coffee and cream

If your festive plans involve huddling under the blankets to hide from the cold, make sure you bring this e-liquid along. It's creamy and cakey but the inclusion of strong coffee means that this e-liquid isn't sickly or overpowering. And as you would expect, it goes great with a coffee! Whether you're vaping this with your morning cup or at any other time of the day, this winter warmer is a perfect companion for all types of vape kits as it comes in both nicotine salt and 50ml shortfill form.

You'll like Crispy Coffee if you like: Cappuccino by Ohm Brew, Black Flag Risen Enriched by Five Pawns, Black Beard by Valkiria

Glas Basix - Sugar Cookie

Flavour profile: Biscuit, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and caramel

Although the range is called Glas Basix, there's nothing basic about this flavour. One of the richest dessert flavours we've tried - if you want to replicate fresh cookies hot out of the oven, this is the e-liquid for you. There are a whole host of winter flavours here so if you're a lover of richly spiced treats like Christmas pudding and mince pies we would definitely recommend this liquid. Available as a 50ml shortfill.

You'll like Sugar Cookie if you like: Big Foot by Decoded, Carnival by Wick Liquor, Alhambra by Vapor Art

Nasty Tobacco: Silver Blend

Flavour profile: Rich tobacco with vanilla custard

If you find that you crave smoking cigarettes after a big meal, you're not alone. This is a trigger for many former and quitting smokers, so we're happy to say we've got a few tobacco flavoured e-liquids that will make the perfect after-dinner vape. Nasty Juice's tobacco range was a surprise for most of us here at Vapourcore as they're most famously known for their outstanding fruit-menthol blends like ASAP Grape or Wicked Haze. When we heard that Nasty was launching a tobacco range, we were imagining bizarre blends like mango tobacco or lemonade tobacco! But they definitely pulled it off - Silver Blend in particular is a masterclass on why tobacco flavours needn't be boring like you might expect. A dark and smooth tobacco enriched with a creamy vanilla custard. Available as a 50ml shortfill or a nicotine salt. 

You'll like Silver Blend if you like: Butterscotch Reserve by Glas Basix, Pecanilla by 50 Large, Gold Blend by Nasty Tobacco

Element: Frost

Flavour profile: Sweet mint

Vaping a minty flavour during the coldest months of the year seems ridiculous, we know. When the air around you feels frozen solid and a short walk outside becomes an ice skating performance, a chilly e-liquid is the last thing you'd want! But consider Frost by Element: a sweet and candy-like mint flavour that tastes exactly like candy canes. Consider this next tip a Christmas gift from us to you: add a few drops of Frost into any fruit or tobacco e-liquid to give it a cooled and frosty kick. Available in 100ml high-VG shortfill, 10ml high-VG and nicotine salt form.

You'll like Frost if you like: Apple Elderflower Garden Mint by Ohm Boy, Pool Party by Vapor Art, Heisenberg by Vampire Vape

Five Pawns - Castle Long

Flavour profile: Bourbon, vanilla, coconut, almond, brown sugar

Five Pawns is one of the biggest names in premium and prestigious e-liquid. Their Castle Long flavour is loved worldwide and for very good reason, and it tastes like a classy and sophisticated after-dinner drink. If you're looking for an e-liquid with incredible depth and complexity, give this one a go. Available as a 50/50 10ml.

You'll like Castle Long if you like: Deja Voodoo by Wick Liquor, Crema by Element, Kraken by Vapor Art

Zap Juice - Passionfruit Zest

Flavour profile: Passion fruit and citrus

And here's our wildcard for this list. Bored of the carols and bells, sick of everything smelling of cinnamon and dreading sending out all those cards? Fear not. Let this tropical e-liquid whisk you away to somewhere sunny and decidedly un-Christmassy. If you're thinking about giving the whole thing a miss this year, this juice will fast-forward you right into summer. Available as a high VG shortfill or a nicotine salt.

You'll like Passionfruit Zest if you like: Caribbean Passion by Glas Basix, Tropika by Twelve Monkeys, Pink Guava by Aisu

If you require any help or advice with your vape e-liquids or device, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Vapourcore team. Remember to check our Christmas delivery dates to make sure your order arrives in time for the big day!

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