As reported by the BBC News:

Many retail stores, corner shops and mobile phone repair shops across the UK are now selling illegal disposable vapes with some even offering devices promising to deliver over 10,000 puffs! 

For peace of mind, always shop with a regulated supplier (like us) who will only sell UK legal products and verify all customer ages at checkout.

All disposable vapes in the UK should:

  • Have a maximum tank/e liquid capacity of 2ml
  • Contain no more than 20mg/ml (2%) nicotine
  • Deliver a maximum amount of 600-800 puffs

If you find any retailer online or in a shop selling anything above these legal amounts then their stock is unregulated, non-compliant and could make you ill.

You can always check the validity of any vape product here at  – if compliant it will be shown on the MHRA list, if not it is ILLEGAL.

We take pride in screening every single new customer at checkout with our stringent 1account age verification process to prevent sales to anyone under 18 years old.

Vapourcore ONLY sells TPD regulated and compliant products, to adults, on our website. Shop with confidence in the knowledge that all our products are UK legal and safe to buy.

Follow the BBC News Story HERE.


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