Starter Kit Information Guide

  • Usually 5 fast clicks of a battery button in quick succession turns on and off the battery. While carrying your device around we advise turning it off to avoid the battery accidentally being activated and running down the battery life, burning your coil & liquid.
  • Some pen style batteries have a Battery level indicator. This is shown on the button. When button is pressed a green or white light means it's charged, orange or blue means less than 50% remaining and red means less than 20% remaining. When the battery starts flashing it means it needs charging. These features may vary dependent upon the brand of battery. Always refer to the manual supplied with the device for charging instructions.
  • Do not over charge the battery. Charging via a mains wall socket usually takes between 1 – 2 hours, maybe longer if charging via a laptop or other device. Once fully charged remove from power source. If you over charge it will reduce the life span of the battery. Do not charge overnight or leave unattended, if it over heats it could cause a hazard.
  • Ensure your charging devices are compatible with our batteries. If the ampage is incorrect you can burn out your devices, damage battery life or may mean you do not get a full charge. We recommend using the mains wall method of charging as we cannot guarantee your USB device is compatible ampage with batteries. Laptop charging can only use USB 2 port. Do not use a USB 3 port as this will ruin your battery. Unless otherwise stated in the product manual, devices should be charged at 5v 1amp (1000mA)
  • Most batteries come part charged so you can vape immediately after purchase, please fully drain the battery on first use then put on charge until the light turns green.
  • Important to check the wall charger adapter is compatible with our batteries. Just because the USB lead fits into the wall adapter doesn’t mean it’s compatible. If the ampage is wrong it can damage the device or not give a full charge. Do not use an iPhone wall charger some models are the wrong ampage. If in doubt, please purchase our wall adapter. Refunds will not be given on batteries which haven’t used our charging devices.
  • When filling up a brand new tank with e-liquid please allow 5 minutes before vaping. This allows the liquid to soak in to avoid burning out the coil (the coil - also known as the atomiser coil / filter - is the heating element inside the tank that creates the vapour)
  • Do not over tighten the battery and tank. Finger tight only. Over tightening can damage the battery contact or ruin the thread.
  • Don’t vape on an empty tank. If you do the coil (atomizer) may burn out. When liquid isn’t visible in the tank, fill up immediately.
  • Do not over fill the tank, if you do you run the risk of getting some liquid in your mouth when you vape, while this isn’t dangerous to your health it can be an unpleasant taste. Also if you have leakage from the tank due to over filling, it can dribble onto the battery contact which will stop your device from working. If leakage or spillage happens, just use a cotton bud to clean out the battery contact and also the thread of the tank where the battery screws into. This should be done on a regular basis to maintain your vaping device efficiency.
  • Maintaining your device. Every week, your battery and tank contact points need cleaning. Take a cotton bud and wipe around the battery contact and the thread of the tank.
  • Changing the Atomiser or coil within the tank is usually required every 1 - 2 weeks dependent on use. Indications for coil change can be that the liquid will bubble within the tank but not produce vapour or the e-liquid has a burnt toast type of taste. Unscrew the base of the tank, unscrew the coil and replace with a new one. Re-assemble and fill up the tank, allow 5 minutes for the e-liquid to soak into the coil thoroughly before vaping.
  • If the battery flashes but is fully charged. Make sure you clean the battery contact and bottom of the tank to ensure full battery contact is made. Also check the coil (atomizer) is screwed in correctly. Try changing to a new coil to rule out a faulty coil.
  • If you wish to change flavor in your tank it is ok to add the new flavor to the tank. The old flavor may still be present temporarily until it burns out from the coils/wicks completely. Alternatively, you can rinse out your tank with hot water and allow to dry out. Ensure you remove the coil before you do this. Another option is to purchase another tank so you can have di erent flavors in different tanks for ease of use.
  • If your tank is bubbling and you’re getting liquid into the mouth piece when vaping it most probably means your coil (atomizer) is on its way out and needs changing. Before changing the atomizer, check the battery is fully charged. Check the contacts between the battery and the tank are clean. If the problem still persists, change the atomizer. If the problem still persists it may be a compatibility issue with the battery and the tank. Some dual coil tanks require a larger more powerful battery to perform optimally. If buying separate hardware pieces for your own existing items bought elsewhere, please check in store for product compatibility. Just because it’s the same size as your previous model and connects to the device doesn’t mean it is compatible.


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