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Shortfill Eliquid

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Shortfill e-liquid is becoming increasingly popular, and at Vapourcore we stock a range of the most popular shortfills, as well as the best-selling nicotine shots. With Shortfills, you must mix the nicotine shot in with your larger e-liquid bottle to tailor to your preferred strength. 

Before use, ensure you shake the bottle vigorously for at least one minute. On average, you should aim to mix a 10ml bottle of nicotine with a 50ml shortfill bottle. This results in 60ml of e-liquid containing 3mg of nicotine. If you would like any advice about shortfills, do get in touch with our team. Don't forget, here at Vapourcore, we offer free UK and worldwide delivery on all products sidewide. 

Best Selling Shortfills
Kemistry Berry Exotic E Liquid

Kemistry Berry Exotic E Liquid£11.95  

Kemistry Strawberry Custard Compote E Liquid

Kemistry Strawberry Custard Compote E Liquid£11.95  

Kemistry Pancake Delight E Liquid

Kemistry Pancake Delight E Liquid£11.95  

Supergood Rum Ting E-Liquid 100ml

Supergood Rum Ting E-Liquid 100ml£19.95  

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