Nicorette Nicotine Inhalator

Nicorette Nicotine Inhalator
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Nicorette Nicotine Inhalator

Nicotine Strength: 15mg per cartridge. Pack contains 4 cartridges.

The Inhalator by nicorette is held like a cigarette so it keeps your hands busy. A replaceable cartridge releases nicotine to assist in the relief of cigarette cravings and nicotine withdrawal. To use, line up the markers on the inhalator's mouthpiece and pull each side in the opposite direction. Insert a cartridge into the mouthpiece and twist the parts of the mouthpiece to close. Each cartridge will last for approximately 40 minutes of intense usage - this can be divided up however you prefer: for example into four ten-minute sessions or eight five-minute sessions.

Remove the used nicotine cartridge by re-aligning the markers of the mouthpiece to open. Use a maximum of 6 cartridges per day.

Use according to instructions and ensure that the product is out of reach to children. 

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