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JUUL Starter Kit

JUUL Starter Kit£29.99  

JUUL Device Kit

JUUL Device Kit£24.99  

JUUL Limited Edition Silver Device Kit

JUUL Limited Edition Silver Device Kit£24.99  

JUUL Pods - Alpine Berry (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Alpine Berry (4 pack)£9.99  

JUUL Pods - Apple Orchard (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Apple Orchard (4 pack)£9.99  

JUUL Pods - Glacier Mint (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Glacier Mint (4 pack)£9.99  

JUUL Pods - Golden Tobacco (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Golden Tobacco (4 pack)£9.99  

JUUL Pods - Mango Nectar (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Mango Nectar (4 pack)£9.99  

JUUL Pods - Royal Crème (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Royal Crème (4 pack)£9.99  

JUUL USB Charger

JUUL USB Charger£3.99  


Page 1 of 1:    10 Items

JUUL is the pod vape that has swept the USA and landed here in the UK. A perfect solution for adult smokers. The Starter Kit comes with four different JuulPod flavours to find your favourite - or pick up a Device Kit and a four pack of JuulPods if you know what you like! Juul Pods use nicotine salts so they deliver a quick nicotine hit without any harshness.

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