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JUUL Starter Kit

JUUL Starter Kit£29.99   £19.99  

JUUL C1 Device Kit

JUUL C1 Device Kit£19.99  

JUUL C1 Device Starter Kit

JUUL C1 Device Starter Kit£29.99   £14.99  

JUUL Device Kit

JUUL Device Kit£24.99  

JUUL Limited Edition Silver Device Kit

JUUL Limited Edition Silver Device Kit£24.99  

JUUL Pods - Alpine Berry (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Alpine Berry (4 pack)£10.99  

JUUL Pods - Apple Orchard (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Apple Orchard (4 pack)£10.99  

JUUL Pods - Glacier Mint (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Glacier Mint (4 pack)£10.99  

JUUL Pods - Golden Tobacco (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Golden Tobacco (4 pack)£10.99  

JUUL Pods - Mango Nectar (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Mango Nectar (4 pack)£10.99  

JUUL Pods - Royal Crème (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Royal Crème (4 pack)£10.99  

JUUL Portable Charging Case

JUUL Portable Charging Case£39.99  

JUUL USB Charger

JUUL USB Charger£3.99  


Page 1 of 1:    13 Items
After taking the US market by storm, the JUUL vape range has finally reached the UK. Having been developed in order to produce a vaping experience which closely resembles smoking real cigarettes, JUUL products are ideal for smokers wanting to quit this unhealthy habit. You can try out the different JUUL Pod flavours by purchasing a Starter Kit which comes with four different flavours. Alternatively, if you already have a good idea of what flavours you’d like, you can purchase a Device Kit and a four pack of JUUL Pods. JUUL are well known for using nicotine salts which deliver a swift nicotine hit without the harsh throat hit characteristic of regular cigarettes.

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