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Innokin Open Pods

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Innokin EQS Plex3D Replacement Pod

Innokin EQS Plex3D Replacement Pod£3.95  

Innokin GALA Replacement Pod

Innokin GALA Replacement Pod£1.95  

Innokin I.O Replacement Pod

Innokin I.O Replacement Pod£4.95  

Innokin Replacement DV Pod

Innokin Replacement DV Pod£2.99  

Page 1 of 1:    4 Items

The Innokin replacement refillable e-liquid pods are designed for various Innokin AIO pod system Vape Kits. Stock up on extra pods from Innokin, and the refillable pods from our other brands, to change between flavours swiftly and efficiently! Innokin's refillable pods also offer flexibility when choosing your nicotine intensity. We provide free delivery throughout the UK and internationally on all of the open pods.


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