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Harmony CBD Vape Pen Battery & Charger
 Harmony CBD Vape Pen Battery & ChargerHarmony CBD Vape Pen Battery & Charger 

Harmony CBD Vape Pen Battery & Charger


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Harmony CBD Vaporizer Pen Battery and USB Charger.

A pocket sized, pen-style CBD vaporizer battery from Harmony. Designed for use with the Harmony Pen cartridges

Uses an auto-draw system (no button) which is powered on inhale. A fully charged battery can last for upto 500 puffs.  USB charger is supplied.

Please note: A Harmony CBD Pen Cartridge is required (not supplied)

Store away from direct sunlight and moisture.  Use according to instructions and ensure that the product is out of reach to children. If you are dealing with a particular ailment or health concern, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please seek advice from your doctor before using CBD products.

Our range of CBD products including Topical CBD, CBD E Liquid, Tinctures, Oral Drops, CBD Edibles and more are available to buy in all our Vapourcore Stores, locations shown HERE.

Charging Instructions
Unscrew any cartridge from the battery before charging
Screw the battery clockwise onto the USB charger included (do not over tighten).
Plug the USB charger into a USB Port or a USB AC adaptor.
While charging, the USB light will turn red and the tip of the battery will glow.
Once fully charged, the light on the USB will turn green and the tip of the battery will no longer glow. This may take several hours.
Do not inhale too fast or too often: overheating the cartridge may cause the coil to burn and affect flavour.

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