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If you need a coil for your vape tank, we should have it in stock either online or one of our many stores. We stock all the most significant branded coils along with a range of prebuilt coils and wires in a wide selection of ohms. Innokin, Vapourcore and Aspire coils seem to be the most popular. We will cover the cost of postage and packaging, leaving you with free national and international delivery. The coil is a fragile wire that is wrapped into a loop and is an essential component in vaping. When the power is turned on, the coil vapourises e-liquid from the drenched wicking cotton or silica thread. The various types of wires provide different resistant outcomes and will impact your vaping experience. We offer a full selection of coils from various brands and models to guarantee you find the right one for you. For instance, choose from wire coils, standard coils or prebuilt coils.

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