What Is the Most Effective Way to Take CBD Oil?

Monday, 7 January 2019  |  Admin

Over the years, cannabidiol oil – also known as CBD oil – has become increasingly popular since it offers numerous health benefits, without many side effects. But what exactly is CBD oil and what is the best way to take CBD oil?

Table of contents:

1) What is the best way to take CBD oil?

2) How long does it take for CBD oil to work?

3) How does CBD oil make you feel?

4) How much CBD oil to take for medical conditions?

What is the best way to take CBD oil?

There are several ways of using CBD products, each with varying effects. It can be ingested in tablet or gummy form, sublingually (under the tongue), as a spray or cream. However, one of the newest and most popular practices is vaping CBD e-liquid. But which method is the best for taking CBD oil?

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When deciding the best way to take CBD for you, it is worth noting that each usage method has varying ‘bioavailability’ levels, which means the proportion of a substance that enters the circulation when introduced into the body, to have an active effect. 

When CBD is taken orally, its bioavailability is usually around 15%, which means that for every 100mg of CBD consumed orally, only 15mg reaches the blood stream. However, when vaping CBD oil, it enters the lungs and is diffused directly into the bloodstream instead of being passed through the liver and gut like other available methods, thus reducing the concentration of the substance in the body. As a result, this allows significantly more CBD to enter the body for circulation making the bioavailability to reach around 50 to 60%. 

Therefore, when vaping CBD, it speeds up the effect of the substance, making it possible to feel the effect between 30 and 60 minutes earlier than by ingesting it, therefore it is no surprise it is described as best way to consume CBD oil – a great option for pain relief in particular. 

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However, the effects can vary from company to company, as some manufacturers produce poor quality products with low cannabidiol levels, inconsistent with the amount stated on their labels. Therefore, it is crucial to research CBD e-liquid before buying, to ensure you are getting to product you have paid for. 

- Where is the safest place to buy CBD oil? 

To be on the safe side, it is advisable to buy from CBD licensed companies, such as high street stores (for example Holland and Barratt and Lloyds Pharmacy). Alternatively, you can consult your doctor and get it on prescription, but be aware that, at present, it is only prescribed to those with epilepsy and going through chemotherapy treatment.

How long does it take for CBD oil to work?

Unfortunately, just like many medicines, it takes time for CBD to start working and be effective. However, the time it takes varies from person to person and is based on a number of factors, such as the usage method, the quality of the CBD oil, the person’s body weight, metabolic rate and composition.

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In order to ensure the CBD oil is working for you, it is suggested that you start off with a low dosage, whilst your system gets new to the new substance entering your body. Once your body becomes acclimatised to the CBD oil after a few weeks, you can increase the dosage gradually, in order for it to become more effective. 

This means, once your body becomes used to CBD, you may be going through CBD oil very quickly. CBD bottles can range from as little as 25mg to 300mg, and you are very unlikely to be able to use a whole cartridge or bottle within a couple of days, but typically, a single cartridge or bottle of CBD vape oil will last for somewhere between four and 14 days, depending on how frequently you use the product - another reason why it is one of the top ways to take CBD oil.  

How does CBD oil make you feel?

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There are still a number of misconceptions surrounding CBD oil. Many are reluctant to use it because they are worried about its safety as they believe it has the same effect as taking illegal drugs. However, contrary to popular belief, taking CBD oil doesn’t give the user the same “high” feeling as taking the Class B drug, despite the fact CBD oil is created from the cannabis plant. 

Cannabidiol oil is designed solely for medicinal purposes and doesn’t produce the psychoactive mind-numbing effect that users of marijuana experience due to its tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. Instead, taking CBD can help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, euphoria and short-term impairment of the memory, making it the perfect prescription for pain and various mental health problems.

How much CBD oil to take for medical conditions? 

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CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which differs from person to person. As a result, finding the right dosage can be tricky as there is no single answer for everyone. However, these are some ways to help you find the right dosage for you:

  • Start off with a low dosage 

You may want to start with small and low dosages of CBD oil to begin with, to enable you to personalise your dosage to achieve your desired results. By doing this, it allows you to tailor your CBD intake to fit in with your personal needs. 

For instance, you could try one drop, three times a day in the first week, and increase to two drops, three times a day in the second week - and so on, until you find it provides adequate relief.

  • Try different methods of CBD 

You may find that some CBD methods simply do not work for you. As a result, you may want to try another CBD method (mentioned earlier) to see if it gives you relief, such as edibles or a cream instead. 

  • Take into account your condition

It is important to consider the condition or symptoms that you are trying to treat, and bear this in mind when finding the right dosage for you.

For example, whether you are trying to reduce chronic pain, epilepsy or sleep disorders, each will probably need different dosages to be effective. For example, if you are prone to severe pain, seizures or other extreme symptoms, higher dosages may be required. 

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These are the dosages recommended by medical professionals for various illnesses, where using CBD oil has had a positive impact on treatment: 

Note: It's always advisable to speak to your pharmacist or GP before taking CBD oil.