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What is Stoptober?

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Stoptober is an annual campaign run by the NHS encouraging smokers to ditch the habit for good. They offer free quit-smoking advice and a whole host of helpful tools to help you stop smoking. 

If you can quit smoking for 28 days, you're more likely to quit for good!

This is the main goal of the Stoptober campaign - if you can manage to not smoke for four weeks, you are 5 times more likely to be able to stop for good. Stopping smoking for 28 days means you're less likely to pick up a cigarette ever again.

Quitting with support is easier than doing it alone

Quitting smoking - while one of the best decisions you'll ever make - might be one of the hardest. You are far more likely to stop smoking successfully with the help of a friendly local stop-smoking service. But if you're not able to access a stop-smoking service, rallying your friends and family also makes it easier to quit. They will be happy to have a healthier, smoke-free you!

Most smokers in England (6 in 10) want to quit

Most smokers want to quit, but may not feel like they are able to. A campaign like Stoptober normalises quitting smoking. Think of it this way - if you're a smoker and all of your smoking friends decided to quit, it might give you the encouragement to believe that you can do it too. If you decide to quit, you might inspire your friends, family and colleagues to kick the habit too. At Vapourcore, we encourage giving quitting a try with a friend or partner - that way, you'll be able to support each other through the tough times. And if you decide to quit smoking using an e-cigarette, you'll be able to share vaping tips and advice with each other too.

With Stoptober, thousands of smokers have quit

In the 2018 campaign, Stoptober inspired an amazing 19% of smokers to make a quit attempt. We recommend looking at the #Stoptober topic on social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter to read testimonials of ex-smokers who have quit with Stoptober. You can also view the Real Stories page on the Stoptober website for interviews with quitters. 

What kind of support does Stoptober offer?

You can find lots of resources on the Stoptober campaign site. They include:

  • A free app for Android and IOS that will help distract you during cravings - and tell you how much you've saved!
  • A daily support email full of advice, tips and motivation. A pep talk to remind you why quitting smoking was a great decision.
  • A Facebook group where you can chat to other quitters.
  • A Facebook chat-bot which is full of helpful words of advice, day and night.
  • A Personal Quit Plan tool - in three simple questions, it will suggest the tools you need to quit successfully.

Can I use an e-cig during Stoptober?

The Stoptober campaign recognises that e-cigarettes can be an effective tool to help you quit for good. They stress the importance of using the right e-liquid, the right nicotine strength and the right kind of vape kit for you. If you're thinking of quitting smoking this October, we recommend the vape kits on this page - we have carefully chosen the most fuss-free, simple and effective kits for this selection. Choosing the right nicotine strength is just as important as choosing a vape device - read our post on How To Choose A Nicotine Strength for guidance. You can also email us for quit smoking and vaping advice at We have several vape shops in Central London and you can visit any of one of them for advice on switching to an e-cig.

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