The VApril Challenge

Friday, 6 April 2018  |  Admin

We're almost a week into April now, and chances are that if you've been reading any vaping news at all, you'll have heard of the VApril Challenge (get it? Vaping + April -> VApril).

It's fronted by Dr. Christian Jessen, who probably needs no introduction if you've ever watched Channel 4. It's also being organised by the UK Vaping Industry Association, promotes and supports the vaping industry in all its forms.

The VApril challenge consists of three steps.

Drop into a vaping masterclass

At any time between the 3rd - 30th April, specialist vaping stores across the UK will be hosting 'vaping masterclasses'. This consists of a high-level overview of the vaping market and how to get into vaping. It's no secret that the vaping world is incredibly diverse, which makes trying to find a good place to start, particularly intimidating.

These masterclasses also give vape users the opportunity to tap into expert advice from those who work, live, and breathe vaping (literally, ha ha). They'll be able to lead one-on-one sessions catered to your specific needs.

So whether you're just a social smoker looking to move away from cigarettes, or you've been living with tobacco all your life and you want to put down the pack for good, come on down to your local Vapourcore and find out how we can help you quit for good.

You can find VApril's masterclass shops on the VApril website.

Receive your 6-page guide

Step 2 in the VApril Challenge is to sign up to receive a free guide for first-time vapers. It offers advice and information on moving from tobacco to vaping, which nicotine strength to use, the parts and purposes of a vaping device, and a bunch more.

Be social

The last step to the VApril Challenge is to let everyone else know where you are on your vaping journey. VApril has set up key spots online for people to meet and discuss vaping in the UK and abroad. Go check out their Facebook page, their Twitter, or use #VApril or #VAprilChallenge anywhere around the Internet to join the conversation!

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