Supergood 100ml - June 2019 Guest E Liquid Range

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Here at Vapourcore, we're proud to bring you a fantastic new range of e-liquid every month. This month, our guest range is Supergood, who have made five e-liquid flavours based on famous cocktail drinks. These e-liquids come as high-VG 100ml shortfills, so just add two 18mg nicotine shots to create a 3mg mixture.

Read on for our review of these five delicious e-liquid flavours.


Blue Pom Mojito

Supergood Blue Pom Mojito

Flavour profile: Blueberry, pomegranate, lime, mint and sugar

This e-liquid is sweet and fresh and minty all at once - a real all-day vape. This juice is perfect for those who want a pure fruit flavour without any dessert or creamy notes but don't want a plain single note flavour. Perfect for summer too, with that cooling hint of icy mint.

You'll like this flavour if you like: Wicked Haze by Nasty Juice, Matata Iced by Twelve Monkeys, Orange & Mango Chill by Double Drip


Pear Fizz

Supergood Pear Fizz

Flavour profile: Champagne, pear and lime

Fizzy and tart, this e-liquid makes you think of fancy cocktails sipped in the summer breeze. Pear is a difficult flavour to get right in e-liquid - but Supergood has really knocked it out of the park with this one. 

You'll  like this flavour if you like: Banana Haze by 100 Large, Red Magic by Illusions, Hippie Trail by Nasty Ballin

Pornstar Martini

Supergood Pornstar Martini

Flavour profile: Passion fruit, orange and vanilla

A sweet tropical and citrus vape with just the smallest hint of creamy vanilla makes this e-liquid well rounded and satisfying. It's not too tangy or too sweet - a very balanced flavour. 

You'll like this if you like: Caribbean Passion by Glas Basix, Passion Killa by Nasty Ballin, Tropika by Twelve Monkeys

Rum Ting

Supergood Rum Ting

Flavour profile: Pineapple, banana, cherry

A super sweet e-liquid with a little bit of fizziness on the exhale. A banana-pineapple mixture is the most prominent note in this e-liquid, with the cherry just adding a hint of juicy sweetness. A staff favourite from this range - we couldn't keep our hands off! It's very flavourful, great for even the most flavour-chasing of vapers.

You'll like this if you like: Twisted Ice Cream by Double Drip, Taste Of Gods X by Illusions, Zest Pest by 100 Large

Strawberry Daiquiri

Supergood Strawberry Daiquiri

Flavour profile: Strawberry, sugar, citrus and ice

Finally, Supergood has concocted a vape-able version of the classic Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail. This simple yet elegant flavour combines strawberry and citrus with sugar and a hint of ice to create a refreshing, fruity blend. Strawberry e-liquids are everywhere - it's one of the most popular e-liquid flavours ever - but it's rare to find a juice that captures the flavour of a perfectly ripe summer berry the way this juice does!

You'll like this if you like: Strawberry Gummy by Glas Basix, Trap Queen by Nasty Juice, Super Berry Sherbet by Double Drip


So there are our thoughts on these e-liquids by Supergood - a fantastic new UK based range that we're so glad to be able to share with you! Looking for mouth-to-lung e-liquids? Our other guest range for this month is BordO2 - read our review here

For product recommendations or any vaping related questions you can email us at or find us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, or pop in to one of our London vape shops to sample these e-liquids and many more.

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