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NEW: Juul C1 Bluetooth Kit Review

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

 We've finally got our hands on the new JUUL C1 Vape Starter Kit and we are so excited to tell you what we think of it. The JUUL C1 is coming soon - press here and select "notify me" to get an email as soon as it's in stock. Read on for our run-down of all the new features!

JUUL C1 Starter Kit

Let's start off with the basic functionality...

The C1 Device

JUUL's philosophy is all about making vaping fuss-free, simple and satisfying. Like the original JUUL device, the JUUL C1 is incredibly slim and light. The aluminium shell gives it a sturdy but light finish. The main visual difference between the C1 and the original is that the light bar is now at the bottom of the device. The light bar fills up when the device is tapped to indicate how full the battery is. The battery life of the C1 exceeds the battery life of the original JUUL. The light also doubles up as an all-purpose indicator - it flashes when charging, when a pod is inserted and if there is an error. The light bar illuminates while you're inhaling, which helps to visually emulate the glow of a cigarette. In our opinion, this helps to make the sensation feel more realistic.

Like the original design, the C1 operates with a click-and-go system - simply pop in a fresh JUULpod and start vaping. No refilling, rewicking or coil changing needed here. The JUULpods current come in six different flavours: classic Golden Tobacco, cool Glacier Mint, crisp Apple Orchard, creamy Mango Nectar, smooth Royal Creme and fresh Alpine Berry. They also come in two different nicotine strengths, 9mg and 18mg. The pods use nicotine salt-based e-liquid which means they provide a smooth throat hit with fast absorption of nicotine. Pods come in a pack of four and each individual pod is sealed for freshness. 

The device charges with a USB magnetic charger, meaning your device always stays upright. One charger is included in the box, and they can also be purchased separately. 

The App

The JUUL App looks clean and professional. On start-up you'll be prompted to pair your C1 device - this is done by turning the device upside down and shaking it. You'll also have to age-verify using a passport, driver's license or ID card - this process is very quick and normally takes a maximum of two minutes. The app is packed with helpful tips on using the JUUL C1 and once you're paired you'll be walked through each of the app's features. On the main screen of the app you'll be shown the JUUL's battery life as a percentage - it's nice to have an accurate figure. The app is currently available exclusively on Android.

Locking Your JUUL

There are two ways that the C1 device can be locked. You can manually lock the device which will turn the light-bar red - this means that when you inhale on your JUUL it won't produce any vapour. There's also an auto-lock feature - this locks your JUUL once it's been out of range of your phone for a user-specified length of time. This feature is part of JUUL's ongoing mission to prevent underage vaping. 

Finding Your JUUL

The app features a location tracker - if your C1 is within Bluetooth range of your phone you'll be able to view it's location on a map. If your C1 is out of range the map will display the last known location. If you lose your JUUL you can simply backtrack to where it was last seen. The app also boasts a fantastic "ring" feature - press a button and your JUUL will beep and the light will flash. We are really impressed by this feature - if you were to visit the Vapourcore Head Office you'd hear "has anyone seen my vape?" more times than you can count. The sound is loud enough to be noticeable even if your JUUL has slipped between the sofa cushions or fallen out of your pocket into the car door. The accompanying flashing light means this feature is accessible for those with hearing difficulties too as it is a bright, eye-catching flash. 

Store Locator 

There's a tab on the app which will display a map showing your nearest JUUL-approved retailers, so it's easy to make sure you're only buying genuine and authentic JUUL products. 

Usage Monitor

View the amount of puffs you've taken daily, this week or a weekly average. This is a great tool if you're conscious of your nicotine consumption - our recommendation would be to think about the days you've vaped the most and try and figure out if there's a pattern. For example, those who've recently switched from smoking to vaping often find that they vape more during the times they would normally smoke more - like after a big meal.

The Verdict

The JUUL C1 Device is a fantastically high-tech upgrade and we would recommend it to all current JUUL users. Even if you're not drawn in by the new features, the battery life alone is worth upgrading for. And if you're on the fence about buying a JUUL, this is the model to go for. All of our London vape shops are fully stocked with all JUUL brand products - and you can shop online too. The JUUL C1 will be available soon - click here and hit the "notify me" button to get an email as soon as it's in stock.

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