New E Liquids now available

Friday, 13 October 2017  |  Admin

Vapourcore are proud to introduce a couple of new brands of e liquids. These e juices are sold through our retail stores, however we thought it would be cool to have a few in each of the ranges available online to try. The first of the new brands is Beard Vape, here we have a selection of 4 of our stores best sellers. No 00 which has flavours of Tobacco, Cappachino and Caramel, No 24 that has a lovely Salted Caramel, Malt and Barley, No 32 with flavours of Cake, Donut and Cinnamon and finally No 51 our personal favourite of rich Vanilla and Custard. Along with Beard we now have a small online selection of ZAP! Juice and Nasty Juice. Remember for our full selection of e liquids and hardware, please visit one of our Vapourcore Retail Stores.

CORE ELIQUID - 4 for £10
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