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How to Make Your Vape Coils Last Longer

Thursday, 15 August 2019

If you're tired of that burnt toast-like flavour of a coil that needs to be changed, or bored of your coils burning out at the most inconvenient times, read on for our top tips. These tricks will keep your vapour tasting better and feeling smoother for longer.

What is priming? Priming your coil is one of the first things you can do to extend the life of your coil. Next time you're going to change your coil, take a look at it - you should see some holes in the metal through which cotton can be seen - these are called wicking holes. Grab your e-liquid and start to drip a few drops directly onto these wicking holes. You should see the e-liquid start to sink in as it gets absorbed by the cotton. Do this to every wicking hole until the cotton is saturated, meaning that it's soaked with enough e-liquid that it can't soak up any more. Look at the top of the coil and see if you can drip some e-liquid into the cotton at the centre of the coil.

What does it do? Priming your coil allows the cotton to get a head-start on soaking up the e-liquid before you start vaping. This means fewer dry hits, less of a wait time and a coil that lasts longer!

  •  Wait a few minutes before you start vaping

Once you've primed your coil and installed it into your tank, fill up with e-liquid and then let it sit for at least five to ten minutes. This allows the cotton to be saturated with e-liquid. We know it's tempting to start puffing away immediately, especially if you've just filled up with your favourite e-liquid, but the wait is worth it! This step is crucial for avoiding dry hits.

  •  Break in your coil

Some coils, especially those designed for use on variable wattage devices, will have some engravings denoting their wattage ranges. Some coils will show a total wattage range as well as a recommended range - for example, the VooPoo UForce N1 coils can be used between 50 and 100w but are best between 70 to 80w. Set your mod to the lowest number and slowly work your way up when you're using a new coil. Don't just crank it up to the maximum right away! This is because coils expand when heated and shrink when cooled, so you'll be slowly easing your coil into expanding. Slowly increase your wattage until you're at your desired setting.

  •  Pick the right wattage

When choosing your wattage, you need to think about:

  • The minimum recommended wattage of your coil
  • The maximum recommended wattage of your coil
  • Your personal preference

Coils need to be run at at least their minimum wattage otherwise they won't vaporize the liquid - there won't be enough heat, so it might bubble or spit instead of producing vapour. Similarly, a wattage that's over the maximum might cause a burning taste or sensation. However, you also need to consider what you like. If you enjoy big clouds of vapour, you can stick to the higher end of the recommended range. However, if you're not fussed about clouds and care more about flavour, the lower end of the range could work just fine for you. 

  •  Try to avoid super-sweetened e-liquid

If you've got a sweet tooth, it can be hard not to reach for the sweetest of candy or dessert e-liquid flavours. However, some e-liquid brands are kinder to coils than others. Certain flavour concentrates and sweetener additives present in some e-liquids can mean that they burn out a coil a bit faster. If you notice that one of your favourites has this effect on your coil, it might be worth only using it occasionally, trying to find an alternative, or only using it when your coil is already on its way out. 

  •  Don't chain-vape

Chain-vaping is simply a term that means taking lots of puffs from your vape in a short space of time. Make sure to leave a few seconds between each pull so that your coil has a chance to cool down and your cotton can soak up some more e-liquid.

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