Christmas Vaping Gift Guide

Monday, 10 December 2018  |  Admin

Christmas Vaping Gift Guide

Do you have a vaper in your life? Does one of your loved ones want to quit smoking using an e cig? Are you a vaper yourself and looking for a festive treat? Read on below to find out our top Christmas gift ideas for vapers.

Vapourcore Proto 650 Complete Starter Kit, £19.45

If you or a loved one is thinking about trying vaping, but aren't sure if it's the right choice for you - look no further than our very own Vapourcore Proto 650 Complete Starter Kit. This kit features the incredibly popular Vapourcore Proto 650 device, which is lightweight, beginner friendly and budget friendly! This device is made to feel just like smoking a traditional cigarette (without the ash and smell!). It has a tight draw which delivers a smooth but satisfying hit. It's the perfect first step into the world of vaping. This bundle comes with your choice of either Vapourcore Gold Tobacco (a rich tobacco flavour) or Vapourcore Menthol Breeze (a fresh and cool menthol flavour) in your choice of nicotine strength. Use the code "GIFT" at the checkout for 25% off until December 21st! 


JUUL Starter Kit, £19.99

For the holiday season Dec 2018 & Jan 2019only, the world famous JUUL Starter Kit is only £19.99 (was £29.99). JUUL took the USA by storm when it first launched, and has finally landed in the UK. The JUULPods use an expert blend of regular (or "freebase" nicotine) mixed with salt-based nicotine (a type of naturally extracted nicotine) to deliver a powerful nicotine hit without any harshness. Refilling JUUL is easy - simply pull out your empty pod and click in a fresh one! The starter kit comes with Glacier Mint, Golden Tobacco, Royal Creme and Mango Nectar JUULPods - Apple Orchard and NEW Alpine Berry JUUL Pods are also available separately. No setup, changing coils or buying e-liquid required - just click in a pod and vape.


Innokin Endura T18II Kit, £24.95

The T18 II is the new and improved version of the popular T18E. This is a refillable device, so you can choose whatever e-liquid flavour and nicotine strength suits you best. It boasts adjustable airflow, so you can control how tight or loose the inhale feels, and a magnetic drip tip cap to keep your device clean. The T18 2 is compatible with the standard T18E coils, which are well-known for their great flavour production and cigarette-like feeling. It has an adjustable power level - choose from low, medium or high - so you can control how strong the vapour output is.

VooPoo Caliber Kit, £37.95

The Caliber Kit by VooPoo is perfect for anyone looking for a powerful, sub-ohm style vape. It pairs a Caliber battery with the VooPoo UFORCE T1 Tank. It is made to produce big clouds of vapour and strong flavour, and is perfect for the experienced vaper. The pen-style body means that this device isn't too big and is still comfortable to hold in the hand. The adjustable airflow means you can control how loose or concentrated the vapour feels. This device works best with high-VG e-liquid which is thicker in consistency. The VooPoo Caliber Kit is one of the best vapes for beginners who want a strong, powerful sensation from their vape. This kit is available in several different colours. 


VooPoo Drag 2 Kit, £64.99

The long-awaited successor to the excellent Drag 1, the Drag 2 is one of the best new vape releases of 2018. Available in eight different colours which pair a patterned mode with a colourful drip tip, this is one of the best looking vaping kits out there. With a maximum wattage range of 177 watts, this incredibly powerful mod can work with nearly any vape tank - and it works especially well with the included UFORCE T2, which has adjustable airflow. This kit has curved edges so it feels comfortable to hold. The Drag 2 has an amazing feature called FIT mode, which intelligently matches to the coil being used to provide the optimum vaping experience. You can purchase the Drag 2 Kit online, or visit any of our London stores.

These five kits are perfect for a wide range of vapers, to those thinking about trying their first ecig to those who know everything there is to know about vaping. Why not pick one up today as a gift? View our Christmas 2018 shipping dates to make sure you get your order on time! If you would like to know more about any of the kits listed, or are looking for advice on any of our products, email us at [email protected]

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